Agilent data acquisition devices, such as the 34970A, require gateway solutions to acquire and store data.

  • Various connection options are supported by our gateways: Ethernet or RS232.
  • There are SCPI commands for reading channels available.
  • Desired channels can be programmed to scan one at a time or all at once on a regular basis.
  • Before serving out on BACnet or Modbus, the raw data can be scaled/massaged.
  • On specific requests, we can be able to offer additional functionality or commands.


  • The resource locator identifies the Agilent unit.
  • The gateway delivers commands to scan one channel at a time or to monitor many channels dependent on the user’s preferences.
  • Data is saved in the internal cache after the channels are examined at the intervals chosen by the user.
  • The data can be changed to make it easier to understand on the serving protocol (Modbus/BACnet/SNMP).
  • The config.txt file, which is loaded on the gateway unit and can be changed with any text editor, is used for configuration.
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