The need for comfort and adaptability in the administration of heating, lighting, and access control systems in both a family home and an office complex is increasing. At the same time, energy efficiency is becoming more essential. People want a pleasant, sustainable, and safe environment to live and work, and automation can help with that.

Our KNX driver allows the ProtoConvert to transfer data to and from devices using KNX protocol. The Fieldbus connection is included with the ProtoConvert. The ProtoConvert can emulate a Passive Client.

The KNX driver enables data access from KNX networks to other ProtoConvert protocols. Most KNX data point types are supported, allowing communication to almost any kind of KNX device in the installation, such as temperature sensors, shutters, light switches, actuators, alarms etc. This allows BMS systems to access a KNX network using direct read and write of KNX configured groups. This setup does not require the use of ETS4 to configure the ProtoConvert KNX gateway.

The KNX protocol is a connectionless protocol and therefore supports multiple clients and multiple servers. The ProtoConvert is intended to act as a Passive Client on the KNX bus and make information available to other protocols.


  • Unrestricted personalization and flexibility
  • A system that is safe and secure
  • Installation is simple and saves time.
  • A comprehensive solution
  • A global network