Kone Elevator Integration in Dubai

Kone Elevator Integration in Dubai

by sales.aus@protoconvert.com


The era of Intelligent Buildings is approaching, thanks to technical advancements that are making science fiction a reality. Buildings are becoming more intelligent and automated. They have the ability to think for themselves and respond to people’s needs automatically. Everything from keyless access to temperature, lighting, and ventilation can be controlled centrally with intelligent building technology.

Furthermore, the introduction of new technologies results in increased efficiency and digitalization, which may assist building operators in assessing equipment in real time and reducing their environmental imprint. Modernization as a concept has changed through time. Unlike in the past, when modernization efforts were limited to elevator and escalator systems, today’s initiatives include digital technology as well,” Montgomery says.

Modernization has several benefits that are obvious. It increases the safety and stability of equipment like elevators and escalators, as well as enabling buildings to accommodate an increasing number of people. As a result, the user experience improves and becomes more ideal, allowing them to go from point A to point B in comfort.

Consider an elevator that anticipates your arrival and is ready to whisk you away to your selected location. It might even take a break in the middle to allow you to get a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe. Consider a lift that anticipates all your requirements. Intelligent signage systems will open a plethora of new business opportunities by making navigating in public settings like malls less stressful. While modern high-rise structures are designed to last for decades, the machinery within may not be able to handle increased capacity for more than a few years. Modernization, particularly of vertical-transport options, becomes a primary concern as a result.

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, understands people flow in and between buildings, making people’s journeys safe, convenient, and reliable.


Elevators are very important in arenas. We live in a world where data has a significant, life-sustaining value.
A Prestigious building in Dubai is a 17,000-seat indoor venue that hosts concerts, ceremonies, exhibits, conferences, and sporting events. ProtoConvert engaged their engineers to integrate Kone elevators with building management systems (BMS) at the arena.

The task at hand was to test and integrate the Kone Elevator system supporting “OPC DA” protocol with third party BMS supporting “BACnet IP”. The data like current position, direction, button press, alarm alerts, and others from the elevator system would be monitored and managed by a third-party BMS. It was impossible to link them since they used separate protocols.


When the stadium is packed, effective elevators are essential for moving the crowds.

Up to 30,000 individuals enter and exit the complex in a 24-hour period. Personnel, housekeeping, merchandisers, workers, stagehands, electricians, entertainers, VIPs, and media are all included. They start breaking down the stage as soon as the show ends, and by morning, we might have an ice rink set up. You also have daily and nightly deliveries during this period. You are going to have a tremendous traffic problem if the elevators aren’t working.

ProtoConvert creates the industry’s best BMS for a simpler and safer living. It uses your existing infrastructure resources to give the data and controls you require. Our PG 103-125 gateway was deployed in 2019 at the prestigious arena in Dubai to monitor and control data using their existing Kone Elevator System.

The Kone Elevator System supported OPC DA. While the third party BMS supported BACnet IP. Because the Elevator System and the BMS used separate protocols, it was impossible to connect them directly. Here is where our gateways come in handy: they convert essential protocols utilizing existing resources without requiring you to change your infrastructure, saving you money on the costs of replacing the entire system.

Our gateway was a great help to them since it allowed them to successfully retrieve the essential data from an elevator system that used OPC DA and display it on a BMS that supported BACnet IP.


This customized solution may be used in building automation procedures when remote monitoring integration is required. The solution upgrades the existing SCADA elevator management system to a more energy-efficient and secure integrated remote monitoring system. This solution is tailored to your specific process needs. As a consequence, you’ll be able to get the benefits of your current system at a lesser price.

ProtoConvert has over ten years of experience and knowledge in BACnet, Modbus, Lon Works, SNMP, JCI Metasys N2, KNX, Veeder Root, Agilent, OPC DA/UA, M-Bus, and other standard protocols. We also provide IIoT solutions based on JSON, XML, MQTT, Telnet, Data Logger & SCADA, SMS, Email, and a variety of other technologies. We offer the correct solution for you whether you want to save data from your field equipment in the cloud or monitor and control them through the internet. For the integration of devices that employ proprietary protocols, we can also provide bespoke interface solutions. We are committed to using all of our resources to develop the greatest feasible solution, no matter how complicated the situation is.