OPC DA – Lonworks Gateway (PG-105-125) Solutions is a powerful, excellent, fully flexible, and productive Building & Industrial Automation gateway that allows integrators to easily connect devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Lonworks and OPC DA (client only) protocols are supported by the PG-105-125 gateway.


This gateway may be set up to do the following:

OPC DA Client and Lonworks Client : This gateway will connect to a third-party OPC DA server and read or write tags. It will, however, be a Lonworks client that can receive and write data from a Lonworks server.

When you have Lonworks -based server devices and require a way to read and write values to your OPC server, this mode comes in handy. Alternatively, you may wish to read OPC DA tags on a regular basis and write the values to a Lonworks server device.


OPC DA Client and Lonworks Server: The most frequent form of operation is using an OPC DA client and a Lonworks server. In this mode, the gateway is set to read OPC DA tags and broadcast them as a server on Lonworks.

This is most likely the most popular operating mode. In this mode, the gateway is set to read OPC DA tags and broadcast them as a server on Lonworks.

As a result, a third-party building automation/management system (BAS/BMS) may now read all of this Lonworks data (and hence have access to the OPC DA data via the gateway). OPC DA tags may also be written from the Lonworks side. As a result, the BAS/BMS system can use the gateway to set values on the OPC DA server.

With its robust set of features, the Gateway has benefited system integrators all around the world. The gateway also runs the same protocol conversion software on a productive and cost-effective platform, backed by the same experience, engineering skill, and technically proven support that integrators have come to expect from this Gateway.




  • In the standard version, you may interface up to 1000 points (upgrades to higher points can be purchased).
  • DIN rail attachment.