DeviceNet TO FO

DeviceNet TO FO


Our DeviceNet to Fiber optic converters can be used to interconnect two DeviceNet networks or devices over a long distance.

Our converters can be used as peer-peer modems / multi drop / self healing ring transmission type network architecture.

Depending on the type of fiber (multi mode or single mode), distance and network topology we have the following models available:

Model Number Fiber type No. of Fibers Max distance between FO nodes Connection Topology
HFB-FO-DEV-P2M Multi-Mode 2 (TX And RX) 2 Km Peer to Peer
HFB-FO-DEV-P2S Single Mode 2 (TX And RX) 20 Km Peer to Peer
HFB-FO-DEV-R4M Multi-Mode 4 (TX-RX From Previous Node and TX-RX Going to Following Node) 2 Km Redundant Ring
HFB-FO-DEV-R4S Single Mode 4 (TXRX From Previous Node and TX-RX Going To Following Node) 20 Km Redundant Ring

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