IIoT and Remote Monitoring

IIoT and Remote Monitoring

by sales.aus@protoconvert.com

Our IIoT and remote monitoring solutions are designed for integration of field devices over the internet. These solutions help monitoring, control and data collection from remote devices over the internet. Due to the variety and diversity of internet technologies most of these solutions are custom . They may require some tailoring to suit specific requirements. Here are some of the solutions that we have provided on previous projects

ProtoConvert IIoT gateway

Modbus/BACnet IIoT gateways

All our IIoT and remote monitoring gateways support Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet IP protocols

  • Modbus/BACnet-JSON gateway: get your Modbus or BACnet Data as JSON over the internet.
  • BACnet/Modbus-SMS/Email : set alerts on BACnet or Modbus values and get these alerts as SMS or Emails.
  • MQTT Gateway : helps to push Modbus or BACnet data using MQTT protocol via an MQTT broker.
  • Modbus data logger and mini SCADA: This is a special gateway that enables datalogging from Modbus devices and at the same time gives a simple interface for monitoring live values.
  • BACnet data logger: Our BACnet data logger can read/write data from BACnet devices and store it on it’s own database.