Data Logger – SCADA

Data Logger – SCADA


Today is the era of information, everybody needs data to analyze, to create strategies, to maintain records. To achieve this, we need to record or to log the data of every moment, and need environment to monitor and to control it.

Suppose you have hundreds of devices in single or multiple building or in other case you have your gen sets or meters or any field devices on some remote area and you need to analyze and record it’s value. In this case our solution will help you.

Our gateway can communicate with field devices works on Modbus or BACnet protocols. It can read or write data back on/from device. It has on board memory, in which it can store 1,00,000 data points at any time. This converter provides an intuitive Web interface. On which you can display data and control the system by writing back.

Features of this gateway :

-Data collection from field devices using Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP IP, BACnet IP or BACnet MSTP protocols
-Data logging into the onboard MySQL data base (or to a remote data base)
-Presentation of live data in tabular format (user defined tables) using web dashboards
-Ability to send commands and set points to configured field devices using the web dash boards

Datalogger and web scada

The gateway is configured using a configuration file which in .txt format. It is possible for the user to create tables and values that need to be logged. At the same time the user can create tables and fields that need to be visible on the web dashboards.