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    Frequently asked Questions

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    When is a protocol gateway used for integration?

    A protocol gateway is used when the communication data protocol used by the field devices is different than the one used by the control/monitoring system.

    How to select an appropriate gateway ?

    You should know the data protocol used by the field devices and the one used by the control/monitoring system to determine an appropriate model. If you need help please write to us and we will help you.

    When is a media converter used?

    A media converter is used in situations where the physical layer for data transmission needs to be changed. For e.g. for sending an RS485 signal over a large distance it can be converted to an optical signal. And vice versa at the receiving end.

    How many devices can be looped together on RS485?

    We recommend that you connect up to 32 devices on a single RS485 loop (31 slave devices + 1 master) . If it is necessary to loop more than 31 slave devices you can use an RS485 repeater or a hub.

    If you have any other questions please get in touch with us :

    We will be happy to help.


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