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The most widely acknowledged standards-based connectivity approach, OPC DA/UA Gateway Solutions, resolves questions in the automation sector such as how to interact between devices, controllers, and/or applications without having to deal with driver-based connectivity issues.


OPC Data Access (OPC DA) is an OPC foundation specification that outlines how actual data may be transmitted between a data source and a data sink without either of them knowing the native protocol of the other.


OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is an industrial automation machine-to-machine communication standard created by the OPC Foundation. It focuses on data gathering and control via interfacing with industrial equipment and systems.

Following are the most popular gateway combinations available. Please select the part number/combination of your choice for more details.

InterfaceModbus RTUModbus TCPBACnet MSTPBACnet IPSNMPLonworksJCI Metasys N2
OPC UAPG-100-119PG-101-119PG-102-119PG-103-119PG-104-119PG-105-119PG-106-119
OPC DAPG-100-125PG-101-125PG-102-125PG-103-125PG-104-125PG-105-125PG-106-125

Benefits Of OPC DA/UA Gateway Solutions

  1. An OPC-enabled application may connect with any OPC-enabled data source on the network without the need for any particular driver software or data sources.
  2. There is no limit to how many connections may be created.
  3. The OPC protocol is simple to use.
  4. It supports a variety of platforms.
  5. It has a high level of redundancy and dependability.

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